Where are your wigs??

When it’s not on your head...where is it? Where are you storing your wigs?

Few years ago, I used to put wigs and bundles in plastic shopping bags and store them underneath my kitchen sink. It was irritating, going through all those bags, trying to find hair I eventually forgot about….and I ran out of space.  

I then moved on to Wig Stands. They were a cute way for me to store my wigs and have them visible. With the stands I used, I could style my wigs and have them ready for when I was ready to wear them. It also helped with drying them after they had been washed. Unfortunately, all these wigs quickly began to take up too much space in my home. I had an additional shelf put onto my wall and that still wasn’t enough room. Not to mention, I didn’t want to display my wigs for all of my company to see when they came to visit. The last straw was when I saw a film of dust sitting on top of one of my wigs. Yes! These wigs were literally sitting around collecting dust! 

Now, I have found Wig Storage Bags that come with a Hanger. So far, this has been the best option for storing my wigs. The hanger resembles a pants hanger. First, I place a part of the wig’s cap between the  two plates of the hanger. Then I put it inside of a bag that has a clear vinyl panel in the front. Finally, I hang it up in my closet. This allows my wigs to stay both tangle-free and dust-free. I’m able to see which wig is which without opening the bag AND it takes up very little space. I own 14 wigs and before finding these wig storage bags they were taking over my apartment! Now my wigs are hanging in my closet, out of the way, right next to my section of dresses. 

To purchase your own wig storage bag with a hanger, tap the link below.