Mission Statement: To empower women, personally and professionally with high quality human hair wigs, education and consultations.


Hair services have gotten quite expensive. I am a former makeup artist who moved to Los Angeles in 2016 and was shocked with the prices at the hair salons! While already having basic sewing skills, this dilemma motivated me to start creating my own wigs. Shortly afterwards, I began receiving compliments, followed by requests from friends and colleagues to make wigs for them as well. Organically, this business grew which prompted me to rebrand Polished Appearance, LLC from a company that provides makeup services, into a company that creates wigs. 

I enjoy sitting at my sewing machine and creating beautiful things. Think of me as a seamstress who uses hair as her materials. The photos sent proudly by my customers are the best thank you notes ever. Thank you for trusting me with your hair, I can’t wait to give you a Polished Appearance. 


"I want to make choosing a great hairstyle convenient while giving customers a satisfying shopping experience."