Bring Your Own Bundles

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Select how you'd like your wig to be constructed
Is this a wig that needs to be taken apart?
If you have your exact head measurements, please list them in the text box. Learn how to take your own head measurements in the video below.
Select where you would like the part to be on your wig
Choose the color you'd like for your wig
ONLY IF YOU ARE PROVIDING A NEW LACE. Do you want the knocks of the lace bleached? Bleaching the knocks lightens the color of the hair attached to the lace (the knots). By doing so, the lace appears more like a scalp.
Would like the hairline at the front of your lace plucked? Plucking thins out the hairline to make it look more realistic.

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Bring your own bundles is an option for customers who provide their own hair and lace to have a custom wig created. If you are providing me with a wig that you would like for taken apart and recreated there is an additional fee. NOTE: Results vary based on the quality and condition of the hair provided.

If you’d prefer to supply your own hair and lace for the creation if a custom wig, please complete this order form and submit payment online PRIOR to mailing your hair and lace. 

Mailing Address: Polished Appearance PO Box 300063 Houston, TX 77230

Please keep tracking information for your records. Polished Appearance is not responsible for the loss or damage of materials that is en route to use, consider insurance on your shipment.

Disclaimer: If hair is used, it must be washed and de-tangled otherwise it will be returned as is. Make sure wefts and lace are clean and free of glue, dandruff and thread.

Due to the nature of the items being sold, NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Please be sure to double check your order prior to purchasing and email if you have questions.

Watch this video to learn how to take your own head measurements: